We’re The Bloc—the most diversified independent health creative agency in the world.

Our dynamic team includes everyone from MDs to PhDs, designers to developers, copywriters to creative technologists, strategists to sound editors. We’re built to provide comprehensive cross-channel services for audiences across the health spectrum.

At the core of everything we do is our shared purpose, our reason for being, our Why:

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The Bloc is devoted to doing our best work, creating exceptional customer experiences, and driving end-to-end solutions for audiences across the health continuum—to make the world healthier every day we set foot into the office.

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  • audiences:
  • professionals
  • consumers
  • patients
  • caregivers
  • providers
  • payers
  • expertise:
  • general medicine
  • oncology
  • rare disease
  • genomics
  • health technology
  • market access
  • wellness

always evolving. never dull.

Just the way we like it. If tomorrow we look anything like we do today, we’re doing it wrong. Keep up with us: